Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny but true...dis is actuali our very first boat trip around Singapore water...dats changi water.
We had chartered a boat with James from Punggol Marina.

Members on board..

Our appointed time was 8am at the pier itself...but due to Ijal,he got held up at werk,and we got delayed!!!!Luckily James was understanding and we finally reached at the pier at EXACTLY 9am...talking about very late people...Haiz.

Once at the for all first timers...we are totally excited.Upon reaching at pier 2 where we were greeted by a petite man with his shades on...and of cos it's James..den we were properly guided by his safety instuctions and the 'Do's & Don'ts' on his boat before we took off.
My first impression of him is that i thot he was a very reserved man but overall he was so helpful...Aniway we didn't expect much for wat's in store for us.(Top of the boat)
Oh btw...his boat may look small but is it well maintained and it's clean...especially for the fishing khaki's ladies that join us as well...(Front of the boat-fyi the front area u can fish and wen it's scorching hot,James put up a canopy for you)
We were told that we'll be stoppin by at a kelong 2 get our live prawns(the prawns are inclusive with the price u pay for the package-1kg only) on the way there we are all preparin our 'perambuts' aka leader with us the "SWAT MUSIBUTS".(Back of the boat)
Wurn (dats me) manage to get a comfortable n the most sought after spot...the seat actuali got cushion sum more!!!(First class)Actuali there's one on the other corner where Suhaimi sat...Asri,Liz(his girlfriend) sat on the cooler...while Ijal and Shima sat on the front.(Wurn Rod set-up : Daiwa tornado with Shimano Charter Special 2000)
Dats me and my fiance...Shima...she seem to enjoyed it so much even she may not expect to catch fish..but she's the one who took pictures...
first spot we went in between changi and ubin near a KELONG. wait for james give the okay go signal then all anglers lines down.. then after a few mins my daiwa tornado rod tip jerk.. i tot it was the current drifting my lead size 4oz. then it wriggled again as i was nearby i pick it up, reel in the slack line and that familiar feeling of fish in the other end and then WHAM.!! natural instinct kick in. CONFIRM hooked.. and there it went up without any effort and it was a Duri aka marine catfish.. heartbreak.!! everybody jaws down.!! never took the pics as it is not worth it.!!

then james ask us to up lines as he say no bites here and decided to shift..
he brought us to that famous hyundai area to fish.. it was there that was damm happening. as soon as we reached there, bites are all over the boat.. everybody was so damm busy changing the bait coz all our baits kena bite off but no hook up(tak bleh JADI).. fish only ate the head.(think the live prawn head delicious..!!) i RELOADED my bullet for the third time and cast just few metres in front wait for it to hit the bottom.. just put my rod in the holder, reel some slack line and then, Traeet, traeeeeeet................ wohooo.!! that sound makes me have multiple orgasms.!! pick up, reel the slack wait, wait that that strong wiggle, then whaaamm!! fight less then a min.. saw it was a gou he, kilapu aka orange spotted grouper. think weight just around at max 1.2 kg.. haha fish worth to take photo with..
S.W.A.T.S waiting for action as the feeding frenzy just died down after 10 mins.. landed two grouper. one just abit bigger than palm size. landed by my fiance shima on light tackle penn spinfisher special and daiwa regal combo with 25 pounds berkley trilene.. sorry never took pics. current and strong winds at hyundai quite strong as some of us esp me and suhaimi start to get giddy.. haha i MERLION down there.. but after that ok liow.. and not to forget suhaimi face like just come out from motuary..
me with $10 dollars rod and calcutta 400s
no fish so take pictures and posing.!!
and more posing
after hyundai james say fish not biting anymore so we shift to ubin area.. near a cluster of kelong. james say here gt alot of ang kuey.. james told us to use tamban we jig at hyundai cut into two, and use the head part only.. apparantly ang kuey never see my bait i think no bite untill i changed to live prawn on ranggong on my light tackle.. i casted far out and put my rod in the holder.. then while i was bz doing my spare leader my calcutta started to yell bit by bit.. pick and i just wham and gt a hook up with this 3rd kilapu of the day.. think around 400 to 500 g.. can see my shadow effect or nt? bites at that spot quite poor and james say lets shift to our last spot.

our last spot was just behind outward bound singapore.. james anchored and lines down.. bites, bites bites were registered everywhere except for mind line burst when i cast my shimano charter.. suuaway ah..!!! most of them keep rebaiting with no hook ups until asree penn senator pair with shimano charter lines bend like hell and lines coming out like for at least 5 to 8 secs on powerful preset drag asree has set before hand.. all eyes in DISBELIVE..!! i shouted cfm MONSTER.!! asree was holding his girlfwen rod rebaiting.. i was busy setting up due to line burst earlier on, ijal just casted out.. suhaimi was doing NOTHING.!! and just BESIDE THE ROD SOMEMORE..!! we all shouted at him SUHAIMI whack the bergerrrr..!! u know what he said..??!! I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE OVERHEAD REEL.!! hahaha.. when asree jerk it, i think it didnt set the hook properly.. SIGH..!! wasted GILA..!!

The Anglers from right to left, WuRn, AsRee aka boy GemAng, SuHaImI AKA boy PucAT and Ijal

summary of this trip
overall the catch report was just under par maybe monsoon season still in.. we really enjoyed our trip.. maybe because our first time.. i made this trip actually to test water coz in april we the SWAT going to pulau pemanggil. test my motion sickness can take or not.. overall the tekong/boatman is excellent.. once no bite register he will automatically ask if he can change spot.. the boat was clean incld the toilet 5 star***** rating.. very comfortable to fish coz gt enuf leg room to move around need not to really2 squeeze.

would recommend james at punggol marina for those interested.. i give 3.9 to 4.2/5

total catch
3 grouper
2 duri
1 mangrove jack(3 kg)

now waiting to go to southern island for maybe nite fishing.. will update the catch report again..
looking forward to land some biggies 2 kg and above..

siginig outs
WuRn EsTa LoCa